Upcoming Events in Ottawa 2022-2023

List of Events in Ottawa 2022-2023

Alberta Gift + Home Market 2022

Edmonton, Canada
Alberta Gift + Home Market will presumably be a stage where a lot of fundamental things will be displayed

Home and Office

03.06.2022 – 04.06.2022
Edmonton Craft Beer Festival 2022
Edmonton, Canada
One of the quickest developing brew celebrations on the planet, the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival is the City of Champions’ head lager, soul, and food celebration

Food and Beverages

10.07.2022 – 12.07.2022
Patterns Apparel Show 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Patterns Apparel is the biggest occasion of a kind in Canada includes the interest of discount salespeople showing Men’s, Ladies, Children’s, and Footwear lines

Design, clothing, shoes, embellishments

16.09.2022 – 18.09.2022
Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo will unite exhibitors, merchants, specialists, superstars, scholars, and makers coming from everywhere in the world

Diversion and Media Game industry

24.09.2022 – 25.09.2022
The Franchise Expo Edmonton 2022
Edmonton, Canada
The Franchise Expo in Edmonton gives a wide scope of establishment amazing open doors to Canada’s most popular organizations

Upcoming Events in Ottawa

Business, venture

14.10.2022 – 16.10.2022
Edmonton Fall Home Show 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton Fall Home is a dynamic commercial center where you can look for home-related items and administrations, experience staggering showcases to assist with moving your next home undertaking

Home and Office Bathroom and Kitchen Furniture Interior Design

14.10.2022 – 16.10.2022
Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show is a multi-day occasion being held at the Edmonton Expo Center in Edmonton, Canada

Sports and Sporting

22.10.2022 – 23.10.2022
Edmonton Ski and Snowboard Show 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton Ski and Snowboard Show gives an enormous, designated crowd of skiers and snowboarders – powderhounds who are energetic about winter

Sports and Sporting

09.11.2022 – 12.11.2022
Farmfair International 2022
Edmonton, Canada
Northlands has delivered Farmfair International, one of Canada’s top horticultural shows, where global visitors come to the Edmonton Region


13.01.2023 – 15.01.2023
Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2023
Edmonton, Canada
The Motorcycle and Atv Show Edmonton will give a stage to meet huge loads of specialists, look at the most recent stuff and clothing

Auto and Automotive Motorcycles

21.01.2023 – 22.01.2023
Edmonton Pet Expo 2023
Edmonton, Canada
Edmonton Pet Expo remembers a lot of significance for the well-being and government assistance of the creatures and elements a few creature specialists.

The Property Show 2022

Mississauga, Canada
The Property Show is a semiannual and inventive occasion equipped for customers, experts, and financial backers with the same

Land and Property Building and Construction Houses

06.05.2022 – 07.05.2022
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show 2022
Mississauga, Canada
The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show is the biggest and best assembling of fire administration producers and providers in Canada

Security and Defense

11.05.2022 – 13.05.2022
Pri-Med Canada 2022
Mississauga, Canada
Pri-Med Canada (PMC) is a magnificent occasion that is known for moving crowds by its nursing philosophies, nursing and care items, clinical conversations

Clinical and Pharma

12.05.2022 – 14.05.2022
Halal Expo Canada 2022
Mississauga, Canada
Halal Expo Canada will assemble the greatest items and administrations of the Halal business

Food and Beverages

21.06.2022 – 23.06.2022
Canada International Conference on Education 2022
Mississauga, Canada
The CICE is a worldwide refereed gathering committed to the progression of the hypothesis and practices in training

Training and Career

07.08.2022 – 09.08.2022
Mode Accessories Show 2022
Mississauga, Canada
Mode Accessories Show is Canada’s biggest expo committed to ladies’ design extras and clothing

Design, clothing, shoes, adornments Hats

09.09.2022 – 11.09.2022
Strategic and Competitive Shooting Show 2022
Mississauga, Canada
Strategic and Competitive Shooting Sports Show is committed to exhibiting the absolute best of the strategic and serious shooting disciplines concerning items

Security and Defense

18.09.2022 – 19.09.2022
Public Pet Industry Trade Show 2022
Mississauga, Canada
The National Pet Industry Trade Show demonstrates that it is the spot to be to make significant industry contacts from across North America.

Ottawa Cottage Life and Backyard Show 2022

Ottawa, Canada
The Ottawa Cottage Life and Backyard Show will include in excess of 250 novel exhibitors displaying and selling boats, moors and embellishments, outdoor supplies

Building and Construction Repair and Reconstruction

23.04.2022 – 24.04.2022
The Franchise Expo Ottawa 2022
Ottawa, Canada
At the Franchise Expo Ottawa, you will learn the intricate details of establishment proprietorship so you can go with an informed choice about your future

Business, venture

25.04.2022 – 25.04.2022
Worldwide Conference on Advances in Software and Computing Technologies 2022
Ottawa, Canada
Worldwide Conference on Advances in Software and Computing Technologies is a lofty occasion coordinated with an inspiration to give a phenomenal global stage

IT and Technology

11.05.2022 – 13.05.2022
Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology 2022
Ottawa, Canada
The Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology meeting’s principle point is to elevate interdisciplinary exploration connected with the area of brain science, advance information interpretation

Clinical and Pharma Psychology and Psychiatry

01.06.2022 – 02.06.2022
Canada Global Defense and Security Trade Show 2022
Ottawa, Canada
CANSEC is Canada’s Global Defense and Security Trade show

Security and Defense

09.09.2022 – 11.09.2022
Ottawa Comiccon 2022
Ottawa, Canada
Mainstream society fan show that exhibits science fiction, repulsiveness, anime, computer games, tabletop games, and comic books, everything is there! Try not to stand by, book your tickets here on the web

Diversion and Media

12.09.2022 – 14.09.2022
Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization 2022
Ottawa, Canada
Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization 2022 (OGAD 2022) sets out Open doors to support Profitability and Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies in Oil and Gas Production

Power and Energy IT and Technology Web advancement Oil and Gas Digital showcasing

01.10.2022 – 02.10.2022
Ottawa Pet Expo 2022
Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa Pet Expo! Bring your canines, felines, birds, and rodents! Search for interesting pet items and administrations, meet creature salvage gatherings, experience invigorating amusement

Creatures and Pets Dogs

01.11.2022 – 02.11.2022
Computerized Transformation Conference 2022
Ottawa, Canada
This occasion is a stage bringing the whole Oil and Gas Sector together alongside IoT, AL/ML and computerized arrangement suppliers to talk about the most recent turns of events and best practices for advanced change in the business

Power and Energy IT and Technology Oil and Gas Digital promoting

19.01.2023 – 22.01.2023
Ottawa Home and Remodeling Show 2023
Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa Home and Remodeling Show will set aside some margin to the Granny house an intelligent Home Energy Conservation Booth

Building and Construction Home and Office

01.04.2023 – 02.04.2023
The Travel and Vacation Show 2023
Ottawa, Canada
The Travel and Vacation Show is a stage for travel services and enterprises to communicate and organize

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